Only Iron Rusts
Sunday, December 7, 2014, 12:00PM-1:45PM
Film is Art Short Film Block - Click here to purchase tickets!
Director: Mark Zampella
Category: Narrative Short
Runtime: 8 minutes
Place of Origin: Sarasota, Florida
Shooting Locations: Sarasota, Florida

Synopsis: (Mockumentary) Only Iron Rusts investigates the cause and effect of oxidation through the eyes of puppets fashioned from tin cans. Told in mockumentary style and shot in noirish black and white, the story at first resembles a '50s health class training film before quickly evolving into an existential visual treatise.

Cast: The cast members are made of tin cans. Featuring the voices of Mark Zampella and Nancy Zampella.

Crew: Writer: Mark Zampella - Producer: Mark Zampella

Production Background & Fun Facts: Features the puppets of Doctor Nik and the music of the Bilderberg Jazz Arkestra. Writer-director Mark Zampella also has a second selection in TBUFF 2014, 'The Shepherdess.'

Festivals & Accolades: 2014 Williamsburg International Film Festival

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