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Director: Zac Kline
Category: Narrative Short
Runtime: 12 minutes
Place of Origin: New York City, New York
Shooting Locations: Long Beach Island, New Jersey

Synopsis: (Drama, Comedy) Pauline is the story of two lonely lives intersecting and connecting. Evan, a video game repair woman, and Nate, a video game enthusiast, embark on a day long journey of learning what it means to look away from the screen and into the eyes of a new friend.

Cast: Jedadiah Schultz and Blair Baker

Crew: Writer: Zac Kline - Producer: Zac Kline

Production Background & Fun Facts: Zac Kline (writer/director) is a nationally produced playwright, screenwriter and director. 'Pauline' marks his debut as a writer/director for the screen. He is the co-editor of '24 Gun Control Plays' (along with OBIE-winner Caridad Svich) and his play 'What are we going to to about little brother?' and the collection has been read and performed across the United States. He and Blair Baker are the co-artistic directors of Missing Bolts Productions.

Festivals & Accolades: World Film Festival Premiere!

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