Friday, December 5, 2014, 7:00PM-8:55PM
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Director: Benedict Sanderson
Category: Narrative Short, Student Film
Runtime: 21 minutes
Place of Origin: London, United Kingdom
Shooting Locations: London, United Kingdom

Synopsis: (Action, Drama) Set amidst the lawless turmoil of the 2011 London UK Riots, shopkeeper Reg decides to defend his store against an armed gang intent on looting it. As the violence spirals out of control, his grandson Kal is sucked into the ensuing chaos and family ties are pushed to breaking point.

Cast: Bhasker Patel, Sagar Radia, Pooja Shah, Tom Coombes, Miles McDonald

Crew: Writer: Benedict Sanderson - Producers: Benedict Sanderson, Mimi Poskitt - Director of Photography: Nick Martin

Production Background & Fun Facts: Ben is primarily a documentary maker in the Uk, making films for UK, Ch4 and other channels. Vigilante was his first dramatic short. It was inspired by the riots that rocked the UK in the summer of 2011 and real life accounts of vigilante shopkeepers defencing their stores.

Festivals & Accolades: Best Cinematography Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, Best Short Film Chicago Reel Independent Film Festival, East End Film Festival, Manhatten Film Festival, London Independent Film Festival, Crystal Palace International Film Festival

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Vigilante clip (Fight) from Benedict Sanderson on Vimeo.