Friday, December 5, 2014, 3:25PM-5:25PM
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Director: Lawrence Krauser
Category: Narrative Feature
Runtime: 96 minutes
Place of Origin: Brooklyn, New York City, New York
Shooting Locations: Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey Shore

Synopsis: (comedy, black comedy) A man finds a lemon on the sidewalk, takes it home, and becomes, against his own will, absurdly fond of it. It is an ordinary lemon. He knows it is ordinary because that's what he hears himself tell people. And if he forgets to tell someone, they remind him: It's only a lemon, Wendell. It's just a lemon. Get over it. (Complications ensue.)

Cast: Todd d'Amour, Rebecca Hart, Jay Smith, Paul Willis, Lia Aprile, Anne O'Sullivan, Danton Stone

Crew: Writers: Lawrence Krauser, adapted from his novel 'Lemon' (McSweeney's Books) - Producers: Josh Wick (imperfectfilms) - Director of Photography: Giovanni Ferlito - Editor: Larissa Tokmakova

Production Background & Fun Facts: Lawrence Krauser is the author of the novels LEMON, THE DAY IN QUESTION, THE JOY OF GOOGLE and many plays; once upon a time he taught filmmaking for The New School. This is his second feature; the first was the experimental and rarely seen HORRIBLE CHILD, also edited by his wife, Larissa Tokmakova, a painter. They live in Bushwick, Brooklyn, with their three-year-old triplets.

Festivals & Accolades: World Film Festival Premiere!

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