Sunday, December 6, 2015, 1:00PM-2:50PM
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Director: Brandon Polanco
Category: Narrative Short
Runtime: 15 minutes
Place of Origin: New York, NY
Shooting Locations: New York, NY

Synopsis: (Suspense, Fantasy, Experimental, Art) An epic transformation manifests from a seemingly routine interview. As a failed everyman begins to work through pages and pages of questions, time elongates and he finds himself tormented, isolated, battling the unknown, ultimately transcending into a heightened reality, discovering a new life between multiple worlds both familiar and otherworldly.

Cast: Ian Kevin Scott, Angela Pietropinto

Crew: Writers: Ian Kevin Scott; Executive Producer: Ian Kevin Scott, Producer: Brandon Polanco, Line Producer: Jennifer Sara Wilmeth; Editor, Music and Sound: Luke Allen, Cinematographer: Cj Baker, Production Design: Steve Grise, Costume Design: Lauren Gaston, Hair and Makeup: Jacqueline Risotto, Assistant Director: Samantha Santos, Colorist: John Kersten

Production Background & Fun Facts: There's a magical aspect to the film that is meant to reflect each viewer's own personal experiences as they engage with the symbolic and visceral narrative. It can also be enjoyed simply as a suspense story leading to an intrinsic, albeit strange resolve with the man transforming from the familiar or normal into something magical and special. (The script was originally written while trying to stay awake on an overnight train from NYC to Washington D.C.)

Festivals & Accolades: Milan International Filmmaker Festival (Winner: Best Cinematography - Short Film, Nominated: Best Screenplay - Short Film); Frack Fest (OKC); IndieFest Film Awards (Winner: Award of Merit - Direction); Accolade Global Film Competition (Winner: Award of Merit - Experimental; Winner: Award of Merit - Film Short); Oregon Film Awards (Winner: Platinum Award - Short Film)

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