Code 9 - Officer Needs Assistance
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 6:00PM-8:00PM
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Director: Deborah Louise Ortiz
Category: Documentary Feature
Runtime: 81 minutes
Place of Origin: Port Richey Florida & New York City, NY
Shooting Locations: Orlando, Florida, New York City, NY Sacramento, CA Buffalo, New York, Connecticut

Synopsis: (Documentary) Law Enforcement and PTSD: A Deadly Combination. While we expect many of our returning war veterans to experience PTSD, we generally have little awareness of, and offer almost no treatment for, our police force here at home. This lack of recognition and treatment has destroyed careers and families. This powerful documentary explores the darker side of law enforcement as it tells the stories of police officers and their families who are now suffering the mental anguish of the careers they chose, which has led some to suicide.

Cast: Michael (Narrator), Thomas Giannettino, Tommy Giannettino

Crew: Writers: Deborah Louise Ortiz, Frank Besser; Producers: Deborah Louise Ortiz, Lisa Edwards, Tyler Marino; Director of Photography & Editor: Tyler Marino; Composers: The Invisibles

Production Background & Fun Facts: My name is Deborah Louise Ortiz and I am the wife of a retired and highly decorated New York State trooper and a federal agent for the DEA drug enforcement task force. When my husband retired from his twenty-two year law enforcement career, all of our dreams of a happy retirement turned into our worst nightmares. Little did we know that his years on the job would leave him with the demons he still battles. In an attempt to find help and get answers I discovered that PTSD is a huge problem for First Responders and this inspired me to make this film.

Festivals & Accolades: World Premiere!

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Code 9 Officer Needs Assistance Documentary Trailer from Dangerous Curves Productions on Vimeo.