Sunday, December 6, 2015, 12PM-1:10PM
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Director: Mahmoud Shoolizadeh
Category: Narrative Feature
Runtime: 60 minutes
Place of Origin: Jacksonville, FL
Shooting Locations: Jacksonville, FL

Synopsis: (Drama) When he finds out his girlfriend is pregnant, a troubled teenager changes his ways and tries passionately to prepare for fatherhood, but he has an extremely hard time to cope with the unexpected and shocking challenge he is facing...

Cast: Ian Doherty, Alyssa Marchelletta, Kenny Logsdon, Karen Overstreet

Crew: Writers: Mahmoud Shoolizadeh; Producers: Mahmoud Shoolizadeh

Production Background & Fun Facts: I am a filmmaker from Iran and have made several films there, Long, short fiction and documentaries and also, I lived in England for a few years and made some documentaries there too. Here is the link to the information and my biography that you might need in Wikipedia: I have always been looking for interesting stories to tell through my films, When I came to the US a few years ago, I heard that Teenagers pregnancies in the USA is higher than the other developed countries. I wanted to show that in the film, though in an interesting and unique way. In order to break the cliche, I chose the young teenagers aged 14 and showed the love of father towards the baby. So, with the help of the co-writer, Dena McKinnon, we tried to write the screenplay for shooting.

Festivals & Accolades: Miami Independent Film Festival, Red Dirt International Film Festival, Global Independent Film Awards, Los Angeles CineFest Film Festival, The Boonies International Film Festival, Gig Harbor International Film Festival, Brasov International Film Festival, Portland Rising International Film Festival, Jerome Indie International Film & Music Festival

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