The Dangle
Sunday, December 6, 2015, 4:45PM-7:00PM
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Director: Michael E. Ravich
Category: Narrative Short
Runtime: 20 minutes
Place of Origin: Torrance, CA
Shooting Locations: Torrance, CA

Synopsis: (Neo-Noir Dark-Comedy Spy-Thriller Drama) The year is 1975, and Tom Ryder has made too many mistakes. This American spy is given one last chance in Moscow to prove his worth to the agency when Boss reluctantly assigns him a mission of the utmost importance. He must complete a routine exchange with a known enemy operative... But she is The Red Mantis, the world's greatest mercenary, and she has plans of her own. Agent Ryder stands before duty and redemption. Both are opportune. Both are necessary. He can only choose one.

Cast: James Liebman, Michael Keeley, Shannon Lee Clair

Crew: Writers: Michael E. Ravich; Producers: Michael E. Ravich, Victor Solis

Production Background & Fun Facts: The hallway seen in the film was built entirely from scratch by Director Michael E. Ravich and his parents, in parents backyard.

Festivals & Accolades: 2015 Dances With Films, 2015 Festival South Film Expo, 2015 Albuquerque Film & Music Experience, 2015 Lighthouse International Film Festival, 2015 California International Shorts Festival, 2015 Gwinnett Center International Film Festival, 2015 Snake Alley Festival of Film, 2015 Action On Film International Film Festival, 2015 California Independent Film Festival, 2015 The Boonies International Film Festival, 2015 Cincinnati Film Festival, 2015 Portsmouth International Film Festival, 2015 Louisville's International Festival of Film, 2015 Harlem International Film Festival, 2015 Twin Rivers Media Festival, 2015 San Pedro International Film Festival, 2015 International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts, 2015 Monarch Film Festival, WINNER BEST SHORT 2015 California Independent Film Festival, WINNER TOP TEN BEST SHORTS 2015 Harlem International Film Festival, WINNER BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY IN A SHORT 2015 Portsmouth International Film Festival

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THE DANGLE Official Trailer - A Film by Michael E. Ravich from Michael E. Ravich on Vimeo.