Everyday Spooky
Saturday, December 5, 2015, 3:40PM-6:00PM
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Director: Monique Guggino
Category: Narrative Short
Runtime: 27 minutes
Place of Origin: Tampa, FL
Shooting Locations: Clearwater, FL; Port Richey, FL; Tampa, FL

Synopsis: (Horror Comedy) A woman moves in with a childhood friend, and quickly learns that there's something unusual about the town they live in. Premiere of episodes 4 & 5!

Cast: Iris Moon, Nikki McLelland, Yvelisse Cedrez, Evan J. Eastman, Kyle Porter

Crew: Writers: Norbert Cartagena, Kyle Calwhite, Monique Guggino, Kyle Porter, Amanda Rodriguez, Clayton T. Smith Jr., Shelly Sanfilippo Stokes; Producers: Shelly Sanfilippo Stokes, Monique Guggino; Director of Photography - Gian Guggino, Composers - Michael Tobin, Chris Lott

Production Background & Fun Facts: Episode 'Speed Dating' was filmed at Sacred Grounds Coffee House. Episode 'New Sheriff in Town' features Obie Diaz, radio personality on Power 95.3 FM morning show (Orlando). In every episode of Everyday Spooky, the character of Kenny dies in unique ways as an homage to South Park.

Festivals & Accolades: World Film Festival Premiere!

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