The Hero That Here Lies
Sunday, December 6, 2015, 3PM-4:45PM
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Director: Daniel Slowik
Category: Narrative Short
Runtime: 14 minutes
Place of Origin: Weston, FL
Shooting Locations: Dania Beach, FL & Weston, FL

Synopsis: (Drama, Comedy) High school is a rite of passage for millions of Americans. Alyssa Bridgewater (Camryn Handler) is currently a Junior along with her best friend, Dee (Deanna Quintero). Alyssa lost her mother to a medical condition at the age of six, but her father (Kevin Siegelbaum) kept the truth from her until age ten. An only child and the one living memory of his wife, Bill thought it best to preserve what little innocence he could in Alyssa. Bill and Alyssa bond over their love of Shakespeare as he readies himself to reveal his own personal secret to his cherished daughter. With Dee at her side, Alyssa will need all the strength in the world to overcome the schoolyard bullying and what will be the most exasperating event of her life.

Cast: Camryn Handler , Kevin Siegelbaum , Deanna Quintero

Crew: Writers: JM Hall, Daniel Slowik; Producers: Daniel Slowik, Cinematographer: Eric Hengge

Production Background & Fun Facts: Kevin Siegelbaum was a finalist on Star Search back in the 1980s. Director Danny Slowik and Cinematographer Eric Hengge were both tour guides on the GREAT MOVIE RIDE in Disney's Hollywood Studios, though they wouldn't meet until several years later while teaching middle school. Most of the cast members in this film, including Camryn Handler and Deanna Quintero, are former Drama students of Director Danny Slowik

Festivals & Accolades: World Film Festival Premiere!

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Hero - Trailer 3 from Danny Slowik on Vimeo.