HOWTO: Demon Summoning
Sunday, December 7, 2014, 1PM-2:40PM
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Director: Hugh Hancock
Category: Narrative Short
Runtime: 11 minutes
Place of Origin: Edinburgh, Scotland
Shooting Locations: Edinburgh, Scotland

Synopsis: (Horror, comedy) Startup founder Dave's been wronged, and he's out for revenge, with the aid of the Dark Arts. Yes, he's going to summon a demon ... following a handy YouTube tutorial. What could possibly go wrong?

Cast: Johnnie Ingram , Paul Hamilton, Hugh Hancock

Crew: Writers: Hugh Hancock; Producers: Hugh Hancock; Sound design: Thomas Robertson; Sound Recordist: Ian Mulliner

Production Background & Fun Facts: During production, the burning candles for the Summoning Circle burned holes in the director's carpet. Qulkazeth, the demon, was created using the same motion capture technology used on Avengers Assemble.

Festivals & Accolades: Fargo Fantastic Film Festival, Lillifest

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Twitter: @hughhancock