Limo Driver
Sunday, December 6, 2015, 2:50PM-5:15PM
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Director: Joseph Mazzaferro
Category: Narrative Short
Runtime: 15 minutes
Place of Origin: Tampa, FL
Shooting Locations: Tampa, FL

Synopsis: (Drama, Comedy) 'LIMO DRIVER' is about Jack, a down-and-out limo driver who doesn't have the best life to begin with. Things take a turn for the worse when he picks up his first fare and is unwillingly pushed into life with the Mafia and becomes an accomplice to murder.

Cast: Steve Garland, Sean Collins, David Vogel, David Estes, Wheat, Michael Kenneth Fahr

Crew: Writers: Joseph Mazzaferro; Producers: Joseph Mazzaferro, J Thor Productions, Dustin Hubbard

Production Background & Fun Facts: I've been in the production industry for nearly fifteen years. I own a production company '' and have worked with veteran actors/actresses and Grammy Award winning musicians like Robin Williams, Bill Cosby, Charlize Theron, Snoop Dogg, Eric Clapton, Martin Lawrence, David Blaine, and many more.

Festivals & Accolades: World Film Festival Premiere!

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