Friday, December 4, 2015, 6:15PM-8:25PM
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Director: Ricardo Guerreiro
Category: Narrative Short
Runtime: 20 minutes
Place of Origin: Farnham, England
Shooting Locations: Clovelly, North Devon/ Studios, Farnham, England
Student's School: University for the Creative Arts

Synopsis: (Psychological Drama) Vigil is haunted by his pseudonyms which live within the mirrors of his shop. Through the faking of his death, he thinks he is now able to write his memoirs but in order to do this, he has to liberate himself from his creations.

Cast: Murray Andrews

Crew: Writers: Edward Quin; Producers: Jenny Martin; Director of Photography: Ricardo Dias

Production Background & Fun Facts: We wanted to make a film that honoured the literary concept coined by Portuguese writer, Fernando Pessoa; the heteronym. Pessoa published works under a variety of pseudonyms and was known to adapt his behaviour and mannerisms to build the idea that he was embodying a different character under this new name. We created a film in which our main character was split into five; Vigil and his four heteronyms. Living in an old mirror shop, Vigil interacts with his reflections,; each representing a different part of himself. .

Festivals & Accolades: Official Selection 2015: The Monthly Film Festival, PeterKiT International Student Film Festival, St. Petersburg, Reflexionen des Geistes (Reflections of Spirit Film Festival, Erlangen, Germany) Nominated in International Category and Winner of Best Camera man Award

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Memoirs - Trailer from Memoirs (ShortFilm) on Vimeo.