Friday, December 4, 2015, 8:25PM-10:50PM
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Director: Zachary Simon
Category: Narrative Short
Runtime: 16 minutes
Place of Origin: Winter Park, FL
Shooting Locations: Oviedo, Winter Park, Orlando, FL

Synopsis: (Drama, Sci-Fi) In the near future, scientists have discovered dangerous abnormalities without our sun. The gas giant has become increasingly unstable and has begun expelling deadly solar flares bound for earth. As mankind is helpless to stop the coming solar event, people across the world scramble to make peace during earth's last moments. Sundown is about one man's quest to make peace with his own past before time runs out. Through coming to the aid of a family in need, Theo Hannah races against the apocalypse to redeem the sins of his past. After being released from prison after a five-year sentence, Theo begins a journey to redemption at Earth's most desperate hour. Shortly into his travels, Theo comes across the Martin family who are greatly in need of a savior. Rebecca Martin has been seriously injured in a horrific accident and it is now up to Theo to help the family reach safety in a nearby shelter. During Theo's travels with the Martin family, it is revealed that he has just been released from prison. Upon learning this news, Kyle Martin insists that Theo immediately leave the family alone. However, the rapidly escalating solar event causes Theo to jump into action and come to the aid of the Martin family once more. Theo sees the Martins to safety and continues on his own personal journey. Just as the solar event is reaching its height, Theo comes to his destination. Finally at his place of peace, Theo can spend his last moments at the grave of his wife and daughter.

Cast: David Rose, David Raizor, Yeselie Denise, Serena Thomas, with Cesar Perez and Audrey Dempster

Crew: Writers: Zachary Simon; Producers: Producer: D.J. Rivera, Associate Producer: Tyler Suggs; UPM, Casting Director, Post Production Supervisor: D.J. Rivera, Production Designer, 1st AD, Wardrobe: Tyler Suggs, Cinematographer: Matt Lynn, Special Effects Makeup: Brett Ryan, VFX Supervisor: Roland Athouris III, Re-Recording Mixer's: Michael Orlowski, M.P.S.E. & Bill Benton, Colorist: Rob Sloan, Editor: Zachary Simon

Production Background & Fun Facts: Ironically, the sun was not the biggest obstacle for Sundown; it was the rain. Production was cut short on the third day and rushed on the final day because of inclement weather. In a stroke of good fortune, the wind was blowing particularly hard during an intense scene. This wind exaggerated the effect of a solar event sweeping through the area. Several times during shooting the sophisticated Sony F65 camera overheated, slowing down the pace of production. The crew had less than two hours to film at the Orange County Correctional Facility. Time at the prison was limited as to not interrupt prison operations. Sundown was one of the first student films to shoot on the Sony F65 4K camera.

Festivals & Accolades: Rhode Island Comic Con Film Festival, International Online Web Fest, Los Angeles Cinefest, All Seas Film Festival, The Online Film Festival, Kinolit Film Festival

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