Sunday, December 6, 2015, 1:00PM-2:50PM
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Director: James Noir
Category: Narrative Short
Runtime: 35 minutes
Place of Origin: Orlando, FL
Shooting Locations: Orlando, FL
Student's School: University of Central Florida

Synopsis: (Superhero, Romance, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action) A superhero romance surrounding a war waged between Capes and Masks, one of which questions his arch rivalry after the planet's inhabitants become powerless for one night.

Cast: James Noir, Amanda Joy Taylor, Sendi Avdic, Chris Beemer & Vincent DeMarco

Crew: Writers: James Noir; Producers: James Noir, Dan Ballester, May Santiago, Erica Serio; Cinematographer: Geoff Levy. Editor: James Noir. Visual Effects Producer: Davis Lindsay. Music: Hammock

Production Background & Fun Facts: James Noir wrote, directed, starred in, edited and produced this film alongside a very small team of dedicated and creative individuals for two years as my final graduating student thesis at UCF (University of Central Florida) Film School. With this film, he wanted to contribute something new to the superhero genre that didn't rely on box office grosses and studio-mandated action scenes. He wanted to expose the heart of a superhero to the audience, then rip it out. The film was accepted for World Premiere at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con International (according to Forbes, the 'largest convention of its kind in the world').

Festivals & Accolades: San Diego Comic-Con International, Orlando Film Festival, Tampa Bay Comic Con

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Twitter: @James_Noir


Super'mance - Official Trailer #1 from James Noir on Vimeo.