Barry Baker: Aspiring Serial Killer
Saturday, December 4, 2016, 1:15PM-3:15PM
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Director: Tony Ahedo
Category: Narrative Short
Runtime: 24 minutes
Place of Origin: St. Petersburg Florida
Shooting Locations: St. Petersburg/Sarasota Florida

Synopsis: (Comedy Horror) After receiving his destiny from a fortune cookie, a lonely office worker, Barry Baker, has a hard time adjusting to his new found calling as a serial killer. Just because you are meant to do something... doesn't mean you will be good at it.

Cast: Peter Konowicz, Nathan Jokela, Danae DeShazer, Jeremiah Whetherspoon, Selena Vela, Paul Saulo, David Lendermon, David McMahon

Crew: Writer: Tony Ahedo; Producer: Tony Ahedo/ Natasha Thornton; Nichole Fernandez, Taylor Merriman as Production Design/ Costume

Production Background & Fun Facts: Barry Baker: Aspiring Serial Killer is a new comedy-horror series following our 'hero', Barry Baker, who desires to be a serial killer--but isn't very good at it. Playing off of classic horror tropes, the 'Barry Baker' series finds itself riding the line of cringe-worthy and hilarious. Created by Tony Ahedo and Natasha Thornton, the first season is currently in production. The 24 minute pilot episode has been completed and is screening in numerous film festivals across the nation.

Festivals & Accolades: Orlando, Florida Horror, Sunscreen

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Twitter: @BBaker_Series

Barry Baker: Aspiring Serial Killer Episode 1 Trailer from Barry Baker on Vimeo.