Saturday, December 3, 2016, 1:40PM-3:40PM
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Director: Jacobie Gray
Category: Narrative Short
Runtime: 7 minutes
Place of Origin: Sydney, Australia
Shooting Locations: Sydney, Australia

Synopsis: (Comedy) What happens when a straight-laced, chocoholic dentist is forced to prove to her hippie dental nurse and overbearing mother that she doesn't have an addiction? Complete and utter chaos, that's what! Tabitha thinks quitting chocolate for a month will be easy but that was before she tried it. After 16 days of no sleep, anxiety, physical discomfort and mental torture Tabitha finds her carefully constructed reputation shattered on the waiting room floor among a pile of Easter Eggs and traumatised patients. Cavity is a hilarious exploration of life's sweetest temptation that'll leave you questioning how far you'd go for chocolate.

Cast: Lizzie Schebesta, George Banders and Lorna Lesley

Crew: Writer: Jacobie Gray; Producer: Peter Magdas; Cinematographer: Rodrigo Vidal-Dawson, Production Design: Bec Sheedy and Belle Blamey, Editor: Kenny Ang, Sound Design: Lachlan Harris, Composer: Matt Rudduck

Production Background & Fun Facts: Jacobie Gray is a writer and director with a long term affliction for chocolate. She made this film to exorcise her personal cocoa demons and to unite chocolate addicts worldwide in their struggle for sweet freedom from the brown dragon. Love might drive us crazy but chocolate drives us crazier... (TBUFF note: Gray was a 2015 Buffy nominee for Best Supporting Actress in 'Curious City'.)

Festivals & Accolades: 2014: Tropfest Australia, 2015: Grand Rapids Comic-Con, 2016: VOB Film Festival

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Twitter: @jacobiejane

Cavity - Written & Directed by Jacobie Gray from Jacobie Gray on Vimeo.