Eat Me!
Friday, December 2, 2016, 1:00PM-2:45PM
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Director: Ilina Perianova
Category: Narrative Short, Student Short
Runtime: 21 minutes
Place of Origin: Sofia, Bulgaria/ Tallinn, Estonia/ Berlin, Germany
Shooting Locations: Sofia, Bulgaria/ Tallinn, Estonia/ Berlin, Germany
Student's School: Baltic Film and Media School/ Tallinn, Estonia

Synopsis: (Musical) Glittering socialite Laura starts slipping from the daily reality of a weight obsessed rich man's mistress. While on a fancy dinner with her gluttonous lover she enters a strange world where food dances and sings. The whirlwind of dance blows the air out of Laura's head and she becomes a different type of girl... How people treat each other is mirrored in the way we treat our environment and our food. That's why 'Eat me' focuses on our attitude to food, its dubious contents and food waste through the prism of a skewed relationship.

Cast: Luiza Grigorova, Nigel Barber, Eliyan Arroyo, Dilqna Spasova, Ivailo Draganov, Lilia Christova, Iskren Petkov, Yoana Ivanova, Borislav Hristov, Sofia Georgieva

Crew: Writer: Script: Ilina Perianova/ Lyrics: Katariina rebane, Yagama aka Marianna Perianova, Ilina Perianova; Producer: Agama aka Marianna Perianova/ Alexander Krumov; Composer- Emelina Gorcheva

Production Background & Fun Facts: Are we going to eat away our planet or will we try to create a better future? We're aiming to raise awareness on the food related issues that affect all of humanity. That's why it's colorful and entertaining, and suitable for young and old.

Festivals & Accolades: Awarded: Special mention at Days of Bulgarian Documentary Cinema 2016/ Berlin, Germany Best Editing at Best Of BFM/ Baltic Film and Media School/ Talllinn, Estonia; Second prize award in the category Kids films at the 6th International Festival of the Music?l Film Nikolai Gyaurov/ Ruse, Bulgaria Screened at: Love and Anarchy International Film Festival 2016/ Estonian Screening; Helsinki, Finland Awareness film festival 2016/ LA, USA So independent! Film festival ( official competition) 2016/ Sofia, Bulgaria Early Bird Film festival ( official competition) 2016/ Sofia, Bulgaria Green Fest Film ( Youth Film competion) 2016/ Belgrade, Serbia Kaohsiung Film Festival 2016 / official competion/ Taiwan Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival 2016/ Malaysia Bridges Film Festival 2016/ Greece Muvi - International Music Film Festival - Festival Internacional de Musica no Cinema 2016 /Lisbon, Portugal Directors Awards (DIRA) 2016/ Indonesia PiGrecoZen Filmfest 2016/ Italy Kinomagic festival/ Bulgaria Night of the museums/Tallinn; Estonia Golden Rose 2016/ Varna, Bulgaria Second Asia International (Wenzhou) Youth Short-Film Exhibition/ China

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Eat me! short musical film trailer from Ilina Perianova on Vimeo.