Saturday, December 3, 2016, 1:40PM-3:40PM
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Director: Sam Holdren
Category: Narrative Short
Runtime: 14 minutes
Place of Origin: Charleston, WV
Shooting Locations: Charleston / Institute / Pinch, WV

Synopsis: (Black Comedy) 'Exceptance' -- not a misspelling -- is a absurd and timely black comedy about Johanna (Caitlin Renee Campbell), a judgmental suburban mother who risks losing her teenage daughter forever when the daughter (Meghan Martin) reveals she is dating geriatric men. As you discover more about mom, however, the more you'll understand why we call 'Exceptance' a 'coming-of-RAGE traumedy' where to judge Johanna is to become her.

Cast: Caitlin Renee Campbell; Meghan Martin; Sheila Jarrett; Austin Stollings; John Fulks, Sr.

Crew: Writer: Angel Frame; Producers: Sam Holdren; Angel Frame; Sheridan Cleland; Samantha Ortt; Scotty White; Executive Producers: Heather Snodgrass; Caitlin Renee Campbell; Director of Photography: Sheridan Cleland; Assistant Director: Stephen Hanson; Editor: Ethan Young

Production Background & Fun Facts: 'Exceptance' is a provocative character study made with love to create a professional opportunity for my hungry university students during my time as a professor in a region where such opportunities are still sadly rare.

Festivals & Accolades: Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival; Diamond in the Rough Film Festival

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Twitter: @ExceptanceMovie

EXCEPTANCE - Short Film Trailer from Sam Holdren on Vimeo.