Life of Significant Soil
Sunday, December 4, 2016, 4:05M-5:30PM
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Director: Michael Irish
Category: Narrative Feature
Runtime: 72 minutes
Place of Origin: Brooklyn, NY
Shooting Locations: Brooklyn, NY

Synopsis: (Drama/Comedy) As Conor and Addison trudge through their failing relationship they realize suddenly that they are trapped. Working together in an attempt to escape what seems like their last day together, they realize just how much animosity they have for one another. Of course, they've done this time and time again: the animosity turns into delusion, which then of course turns back into love, which then of course turns back into animosity. As they exist in this microcosm, as they relive the entire arc of their relationship in a smaller cycle, they can't help but feel like the monotony is permanent. But, something has to give. Life of Significant Soil explores the layers of a dying love, attempts to uncover the arcs of every relationship, and mystifies ladybugs arbitrarily.

Cast: Alexis Mouyiaris, Charlotte Bydwell

Crew: Writer: Michael Irish; Producers: MIchael Irish, Brett Saxon, Brad Buehring

Production Background & Fun Facts: This film is dedicated to Alexis Mouyiaris, who passed away before the completion of the film.

Festivals & Accolades: Brookyn Film Festival (winner of best brooklyn project), Art of Brooklyn (Winner of best feature film), SOHO int'l Film Fest, Oaxaca Film Festival

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Teaser #1 from Michael D Irish on Vimeo.