Raised on Media
Friday, December 2, 2016, 7:45PM-9:05PM
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Director: Jared Miller
Category: Feature Film
Runtime: 60 minutes
Place of Origin: Tampa, Florida
Shooting Locations: Tampa, St. Pete, and Miami Florida

Synopsis: (Crime, Drama, Dark Comedy, Noir) Cliff is low budget independent film maker who decides to journey a dark road of crime, murder, and deception in order to accomplish his goals. He uses his knowledge of commercial art and his resources as a film maker to aid him in his crimes.

Cast: Luke Skinner, Hana Young, Angel Castro, Morgan Middlebrook, and Sophia Englert.

Crew: Writer: Jared Miller; Producer: Douglas Tschirhart and Ben Daniele; Maria Rubel: Composer, Matt O'brien: Cinematographer, Jared Miller: Editor

Production Background & Fun Facts: This film was actually made to be our pitch to make the idea a TV series. This 'pitch' is actually a very condensed version of the first season. If we were to get a budget, the show would be slower paced and you would see these character change into criminals over time. This film was very difficult to make with our available resources and we had to overcome multiple obstacles (Scheduling conflicts being the main problem). A majority of the time it was only three crew members (Director, Cinematographer, and Sound Mixer) on set. While filming was happening we continued to flesh out each character, this led to many problems and has lead to some pacing issues. The script was written a little over 2 years ago, the main characters were very different then and weren't as flesh out. This led to re-shoots and re-writes after the first version of the film was shot. (TBUFF Note: Miller won the 2014 TBUFF award for effects and editing.)

Festivals & Accolades: World Premiere

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