Date Night
Sunday, December 3, 2017, 5:25PM-7:30PM
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Director: Arvi Ragu
Category: Narrative Short
Runtime: 13
Place of Origin: Houston, TX
Shooting Locations: Houston, TX

Synopsis: (Drama) A few hours before her routine date night, Katherine, is mulling over a letter she received from her boyfriend of several years. It becomes very clear he is trying to break up with her. Several of her texts messages to her boyfriend goes unanswered. She decides to make the date night happen, with or without him and picks up a hooker and takes her on a date to a wine bar. At the wine bar, after sharing a few uncomfortable moments and many glasses of wine, they both loosen up and learn a lot about each other. They feel a common bond between them. However before the date ends, Katherine, receives a message that would decide her relationship. She rushes back home to know the fate of her relationship.

Cast: Mykle McCoslin , Vivian Thompson, Cee Jay, Ari Blum , Drew Matta

Crew: Writer: Arvi Ragu; Producers: Arvi Ragu, Revathi Sellappan; Orlando Briones

Production Background & Fun Facts: 90% of the driving scene was shot inside my garage with people moving the car around and PA turning the lights on and off. Made for a fun shoot.

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