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All Showings at Britton Theater in Tampa, Florida
Thu 11/30 7:00p - 9:00p
Opening Night Films
The Apocalypse Needs Weirdos
The Lost Digit

Opening Night Party follows

Fri 12/1 1:00p - 2:35p

Fri 12/1 1:00p - 2:20p
International Shorts
Among the Dead, Bitter Kisses, I Contacted Poison Control, Jonah, No Problem

Fri 12/1 2:20p - 4:00p
My Country

Fri 12/1 2:30p - 4:30p
Friday Documentary Shorts
Every Ghost has an Orchestra, Standing Rock Take Me From the River, The Weigh Station: Bear Hunting In Florida, Trash Empire, The Last Cowboy,

Fri 12/1 4:00p - 5:10p
A Day's Work

Fri 12/1 5:00p - 7:05p
Traveling Sisterhood Shorts
After Eights, Falling South, Half-Sister, The Scary Ham, Talk to Me,

Fri 12/1 5:10p - 7:00p
Bro Problems Shorts Block
Diamond Day,
Everything's Fine, Fitzgerald, Last Call, Numbers, Roger (drama)

Fri 12/1 7:00p - 9:05p

Fri 12/1 7:05p - 9:20p
Friday Night Early Frights Shorts Block
Alexis, Checkmate, Dawn & the Dead, Dead Con, Hunters, Man in the Mask, Midnight Stroll, Nightmare: Return to Elm Street, Wickedtober,

Fri 12/1 9:05p - 10:45p
Bad Dreams and Other Mind Benders Shorts Block
A Fitful Mind, A Soldiers Rest, A World Like Ours, Deleted Reality, Disorder, Nancy, Nocturne, Wet

Fri 12/1 9:20p - 10:55p

Fri 12/1 10:45p - 12:45a

Fri 12/1 10:55p - 1:00a
Friday Night Late Frights Shorts Block
0-0, aMorfe, Born of Sin, The Crazed, The Dark Ward, Downpour, Dolly Dolly Deadly, The Family Way: Coming Home, Ghost App, The Man with a Balloon, Home for the Holidays, In Timore Veritas, Racing Kayin'


Sat 12/2 10:00a - 12:15p
Saturday Documentary Shorts Block
#FAFATL, Ancestors We Hear You, Building Bridges, The Courthouse Dog, I Am Hope, Native Flow, Senza Tempo, To Be Heard, You See 'Em

Sat 12/2 10:00a - 12:00p
Dramatic Youths Student Shorts Block
A Little Drama, Caretaker, Dissension, Gemma, Jeremy, Lady Plum, Lying in the Heart, My Home is Bleeding, Robbed, Still Hear, Youth

Sat 12/2 12:00p - 2:00p
WACked Saturday: War, Action and Crime Shorts Block
Appalachia, Contract, The Delivery, Focus, Glass Ceiling, Hostage, Lockdown

Sat 12/2 12:15p - 2:00p
Sophomore Humor Student Shorts Block
The Doghouse, Endgame, Falling For You, The Lemonade Stand, Love is Blind, Lunch Date, Memoir of Life, Missed Communication, Not My God, The Script, The Stakeout, Trial By Fire

Sat 12/2 2:00p - 3:55p
No Place in this World

Sat 12/2 2:00p - 3:45p
Screen is a Canvas Shorts Block
The Archetypes, It Grows Dark, Kudeta, Leaves, One Day to the Next, Pink Dolphin, Rope Bound, The Wendesday Sessions

Sat 12/2 3:45p - 5:50p
Blue Comedy Shorts Block
The Bradford Experiment, Brandon and Dan Get Evicted, Dirty Money, ExtermiNoir, Flow, No Parking, Pisser, Space Dad: Episode 2, To Do List, Wrestling With Integrity

Sat 12/2 3:55p - 6:00p
Otherworldly Shorts: Sci-fi and Fantasy Block
Deathworld: 2120, The Lightkeeper, The Manual, An Orphan in Time, Primrose, Road to Nowhere, Sea Monsters, Sensys

Sat 12/2 5:50p - 7:55p
Cloudy Days Shorts Block
Choices (Hamilton), Collide, Exchange, Grape Leaves, I Got Flowers Today, The Lost, Loved One, My Husband's Jump, Tortoise and the Hare

Sat 12/2 6:00p - 8:00p
Air Waves

Sat 12/2 7:55p - 10:05p
Rockumentaries featuring Garage Rockin' Craze feature
Garage Rockin' Craze, Carry That Weight - A Rockumentary, Ruckzuck

Sat 12/2 8:00p-9:45p
Awards Ceremony the BUFFYS at the theater
Awards Party follows

Sat 12/2 10:00p - 11:30p
Moment of Truth

Sat 12/2 10:00p - 12:00a
Tempus Tormentum


Sun 12/3 1:30p - 3:50p
The Turnaround feature with lead-in shorts
The Turnaround, Choices, I Tried To Give Up,

Sun 12/3 1:30p - 3:25p
Far Out Comedy Block
Batttle for the Paddle, Breakfast For Lunch, BTS Episodes 1 & 2, For Luck, Heavens, I Now Pronounce You, Laughter Line, Ransom, Roger (Comedy), Swipe Left

Sun 12/3 3:25p - 5:25p
WACked Sunday: War, Action And Crime Shorts Block
Battlesuit, The Burnt Bridge, It's Fun Until, Lawless Law, Loose Ends

Sun 12/3 3:50p - 5:45p
The Neighborhood - The Whole Shebang

Sun 12/3 5:25p - 7:30p
Vida Perra Drama Block
Breathless, Complicity, Date Night, Legacy Of Man, Listening, The Promotion, Talk, Urgent Care

Sun 12/3 5:45p - 7:10p
Sarasota Half in Dream

Sun 12/3 7:10p - 9:25p
West Coast (Florida) Life Block
After Midnight, Amelia and Charley, The Floridian Heat, Ghost Squirrel: A Truth Crackers Mystery , Gold-Star: Secret Identity, Private Dicks

Sun 12/3 7:30p - 9:20p
Sunday Short Documentaries Block
A Body of Art, Classic City Queens, Far From Gone, Full Circle, The Sounds of Street Vendors: Havana, Cuba, Talia

Sun 12/3 9:20p - 11:20p
Final Girl Horror Block
The Apocalypse Needs Weirdos, Death Do Us Part, Eat Your Heart Out, Holiday Fear, Meat, Quoted In Blood, Viral 2, Waking the Sleepers, You Can't Escape

Sun 12/3 9:25p - 11:20p
Closing Night Drama Block
Afterlife, Images, Lotus, Marianne, The Raven, Rolling In The Deep, Stray

Sun 12/3 9:30p - 11:30p
Thrillers and Killers Shorts Block
G.I.A., Last Kiss, The Lost Ark, Low Tide Drive