One Day to the Next
Saturday, December 2, 2017, 2:00PM-3:45PM
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Director: Julio Montesino
Category: Narrative Short
Runtime: 16
Place of Origin: Miami, FL
Shooting Locations: Miami, FL
Student's School: Miami Dade College - Miami, FL

Synopsis: (Musical/Drama) Kellan Hagar's life is in shambles. He is a young, depressed teenager who is living from day to day with no sense of purpose or direction. Kellan's only means of escape is the joyous movie musical he used to watch with his mother before she passed away. On one unexpected night, after a power outage spoils his movie viewing experience, Kellan wishes for life to become like "one happy song." What follows is an adventure he'll never forget as he awakens in a pseudo world, where everyone is happy, and everyone can sing and dance- including him! Kellan will soon learn that even in the midst of tragedy, there is still hope. And that hope, can be enough to heal your heart.

Cast: "Elliel Batista, Adrian Garcia, Justin Trujillo , Kristen Ouzts

Crew: Writer: Julio Motesino; Producers: Producer, Alexis Bosch - Unit Production Manager, Jaime Gutierrez; Cinematographer, Zach Burgh

Production Background & Fun Facts: When I was coming up with the vision for "One Day to the Next," all I knew was that I wanted to tell a story that meant something; something that would resonate in the heart of any human being, regardless of age or background. I soon realized a universal truth: everyone wants to be happy. As came to this realization, I naturally began thinking of all the things that keep people from being happy; death, familial dysfunction, bad relationships, financial struggles, insecurities, etc. I then realized that there is a lot of opposition facing people when it comes to their happiness. So, with "One Day to the Next", I want to offer hope and encouragement for those who have struggled, or are currently struggling with what I like to call, "life." I believe that as audiences join the character on his journey, they will run into a fundamental truth: we donít have to punish ourselves for the parts of our lives that suck. Sometimes, bad things happen. Nevertheless, the bad in our lives does not have to dictate the joy in our lives.

Festivals & Accolades: Miami Dade Student Film Festival, Film Gate "Music Edition", AUDIENCE WINNER, OUTshine Film Festival - Miami & Fort Lauderdale Editions, Saints & Sinners Film Festival - AUDIENCE WINNER "Saints Award"

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