It Grows Dark
Saturday, December 2, 2017, 2:00PM-3:45PM
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Director: Benjamin Capps
Category: Narrative Short
Runtime: 10
Place of Origin: Chicago, Illinois
Shooting Locations: Chicago, Illinois

Synopsis: (Sci-Fi, Supernatural Thriller, Stop Motion Animation) Deke Lape considers the demented, cyclopean teddy bear drawn on the scrap of paper clutched in his hand. He looks up to scan the faded, peeling pornographic adverts and thoughtless graffiti lining the Tele-C booth. The same drawing is there, adhered to the panel in front of him with a phone number. He blindly dials. He waits. Click. There is an awful voice on the other end. It repeats. It repeats. He will heed what it tells him and wield its horrid power. Deke Lape does not like to lose. He will heed what it tells him. For Hell is but a word away.

Cast: Benjamin Capps, Joe DeBartolo, Becky Lugovsky, James Cook

Crew: Writer: Benjamin Capps; Producers: Benjamin Capps; Matthew Hughes, Director of Photography

Production Background & Fun Facts:

Festivals & Accolades: OtherWorlds Austin 2016, MidWest Weirdfest (Winner-Best Animation), The Chicago Underground Film Festival, The San Diego Underground Film Festival

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