Talk to Me
Friday, December 1, 2017, 5:00PM-7:05PM
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Director: Mark Stolzenberg
Category: Narrative Short
Runtime: 19
Place of Origin: Naples, FL, NY, NY
Shooting Locations: New York City, Monmouth Beach, NJ

Synopsis: (Comedy/Drama) Talk to Me is a comedy/drama about a burned out psycho therapist of a certain age who decides she doesn't want to be around crazy people anymore. In her search for a new career, she realizes the bosses who interview her are crazier than her patients. And she finds her true calling in life.

Cast: Judy Copeland, Mark Stolzenberg, Helen Mandlin, Marion Covit, Rachel Rivera, Patrick Heraghty, Marina Bekker, Vinit Dubey

Crew: Writer: Mark Stolzenberg, writer. Judy Copeland, story; Producers: Judy Copeland, Mark Stolzenberg, Mark Schulman; Cinematographer/Editor, Eric Alexander; Karen Chrystal, Creative Consultant

Production Background & Fun Facts: Talk to Me is the third in a comedic/dramatic trilogy about the crises affecting women of a certain age. All were written and directed by Mark Stolzenberg with a story by Judy Copeland and co-produced by the two of them. TBUFF will have screened all three films!

Festivals & Accolades: Best NJ Drama, The Brightside Tavern Film Festival; Best Director, Long Island Film Festival; Award of Merit, Best Shorts Competition; Fort Myers Beach Film Festival, Peekskill Film Festival, Chain NYC Film Festival, Northeast Film Festival