Garage Rockin' Craze
Saturday, December 2, 2017, 7:55PM-10:05PM
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Director: Mario Cuzic
Category: Documentary Feature
Runtime: 98
Place of Origin: Toronto, Canada
Shooting Locations: Japan

Synopsis: (Feature Documentary) Garage Rockin' Craze, the new film by independent filmmaker Mario Cuzic (The Swap, Tsunami Attack), is a weird and savage journey into the heart of underground Tokyo rock and roll and the DIY ethic that keeps it thriving. Centering around promoter and DJ Daddy-O-Nov, the film chronicles Daddy-O's starting his monthly garage punk event Back From The Grave in the late '80s and how he came to discover now-world-famous bands such as The's (Kill Bill), Guitar Wolf (Wild Zero), and Teengenerate (Get Action!!) and presents the unadulterated Tokyo underground scene as it exists today. 120% Primitive Teen Rockin!!

Cast: Daddy-O-Nov, Jimmy Mashiko, Rockin' Enocky, Ronnie "Yoshiko" Fujiyama, and Guitar Wolf as well as's of Kill Bill fame

Crew: Writer: B.B. Clarke Producers: Mario Cuzic, B.B. Clarke (also editors);

Production Background & Fun Facts: Garage Rockin' Craze was shot over the final 6 years of director Mario Cuzic's 19-year stint living in Japan. Financed entirely by the producers out of pocket, both Cuzic and B.B. Clarke moonlighted as wedding priests on weekends to pay for the film, meaning that both were working 6-7 days a week during post-production. The two also lived together in a dumpy house in Central Tokyo during post-production, and the attention and praise that the film has garnered has allowed Cuzic to join the Canadian filmmaker's union IATSE. Garage Rockin' Craze is one of only a handful of Japanese language films hailing from Japan where the principal crew are entirely made up of foreigners. Writer-Producer B.B. Clarke is from St. Petersburg, Florida.

Festivals & Accolades: . 17th Annual Mediteran Film Festival in Siroki Brijeg, Bosnia and Hertzegovina: World premiere; 2. Camera Japan 2016 in Rotterdam, Netherlands: Dutch premiere; 3. Shibuya Humax Cinema in Tokyo, Japan: Japanese premiere; 4. Dorf 2017 in Vinkovci, Croatia: Croatian premiere; 5. Toronto Independent Film Festival 2017 in Ontario, Canada: North American premiere; 6. Austalian Music Week Film 2017 in Sydney, Australia; 7. Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival 2017 in Florida, USA: US premiere

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