Memoir Of Life
Saturday, December 2, 2017, 12:15PM-2:00PM
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Director: Nicolas Alayo
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 10
Place of Origin: Escondido, CA
Shooting Locations: Escondido, CA
Student's School: John Paul the Great Catholic University (Escondido, CA; university)

Synopsis: (Romantic Comedy) George is a simple boy looking for love. Lola is looking for a way to make her love jealous. The two cross paths in this Wes Anderson inspired short film about searching for the meaning of love.

Cast: Ben Roberts, Viva Valdez, Julius Medrano, Hailey Jackson

Crew: Writer: Nicolas Alayo; Producers: Katelyn Slater Brigitta Sanchez-O'Brien (cinematographer), Nicolas Alayo (editor), Susana Duenas & Jackie Minton (composers)

Production Background & Fun Facts: Nicolas Alayo grew up in Miami, FL and moved out to California to study filmmaking after graduating high school a year early. The film is dedicated to Nicolas' youngest siblings because it was the first short film he had made that wasn't too violent or mature for them to watch.

Festivals & Accolades: Columbian Film Festival (best director, best picture)