Friday, December 1, 2017, 9:05PM-10:45PM
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Director: David B. Witwer
Category: Student Short
Runtime: 5
Place of Origin: Orlando, FL
Shooting Locations: Orlando, FL

Synopsis: (Drama, Experimental) A husband awakens from a dream he can't remember and searches for clues about a relationship he can't understand. The night teaches him little, except that marriage cannot be lived alone.

Cast: Starring: Kyle Blank, Leyla Lawrence

Crew: Writer: David B. Witwer; Producers: David B. Witwer, Clint Mourino; CINEMATOGRAPHER: Wally Argueta, CHOREOGRAPHER: Rocky Frazin

Production Background & Fun Facts: Inspired by a Michigan filmmaker collective challenge to make a film complying with three instructions: 1) Only one professional light source can be used. 2) Diagetic music must be included. 3). Story must focus on 'waking up.'

Festivals & Accolades: World Premiere!


Twitter: @davidbwitwer29