Waking the Sleepers
Sunday, December 3, 2017, 9:20PM-11:00PM
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Director: Abby Cole
Category: Narrative Short
Runtime: 16
Place of Origin: Wesley Chapel, FL
Shooting Locations: Greenville, South Carolina
Student's School: Bob Jones University, Greenville SC

Synopsis: (Sci-Fi/Horror) An unknown disease sweeps through the world, causing people to become nothing but lifeless empty shells called Sleepers. A young and curious inventor named Jed is determined to prove the victims are still human and worth saving, but his inventions continuously fail. It isn't until another survivor appears that Jed is exposed to the possible dangers behind the Sleeper illness, and he must convince his new companion that there is a cure, and a reason, to save humanity.

Cast: Seth Sanders, Allison Jones

Crew: Writer: Abby Cole; Producers: Abby Cole; Cinematographer - Caleb Murphy, First AD - Macey Yarbrough, Composer - Colton Beach

Production Background & Fun Facts: I was told I wouldn't be allowed to make a zombie film. So I made one. But I wanted to focus on an often unanswered question. Can zombies ever be redeemable? Is there something about being human that can ever be fully lost? I hope my film brings these questions to mind and, hopefully, brings the audience closer to an answer.

Festivals & Accolades: Finalist in Wales International Film Festival, Best Student Short in Five Continents Film Festival, Best Art Direction in Five Continents Film Festival, Nominated for Best Actor in Focus International Film Festival, Official Selection, Focus International Film Festival, Official Selection Orlando Film Festival, Official Selection Adana Film Festival, Official Selection Reedy Reels Film Festival, Official Selection in Big Fandom Film Festival

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