Lemonade Stand
Saturday, December 2, 2017, 12:15PM-2:00PM
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Director: Justin Appleton
Category: Student Film
Runtime: 12
Place of Origin: Orlando, Florida
Shooting Locations: Orlando, Florida
Student's School: Full Sail University-Winter Park

Synopsis: (Comedy) A resourceful young girl scout attempts to take on the establishment after her lemonade stand gets shut down for not having a proper permit

Cast: Madison Ireland, Thomas Muniz, Kathy McCort, Jason Roper, Kaleia Giancini, Rosie Medina and Annabella Calderon

Crew: Writer: Justin Appleton; Producers: Terrena Scannell; Composed by Damian Elkinson and Oscar Romero

Production Background & Fun Facts: Lemonade Stand is a political satire that pokes fun at the ineffectiveness of the government. Believe it or not this film was inspired by true events as this is something that actually happens. The film's protagonist, despite her young age, is the most grounded person in an over the top pessimistic world. She is altruistic, uncorrupted and optimistic, as opposed to the elder antagonists, who have been jaded by the perversions of humanity.

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