Dead Con
Friday, December 1, 2017, 7:05PM-9:20PM
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Director: Nathan Bradford
Category: Narrative Short
Runtime: 12
Place of Origin: Orlando, Florida
Shooting Locations: Orlando, Florida

Synopsis: (Comedy Horror) Fans flock to go see their favorite Zombie Universe stars at a convention. Todd Dodd and Samantha Dodd have been saving up for years to finally get an up close meet and greet with these actors. Does everything goes as planned?

Cast: AlexiaMaria Orihuela, Timothy Weal, Nathan Bradford, Shiminga N Forney, Kevin Kelly, Alice Augustine, John Gettier, Alexandra Balda

Crew: Writer: Nathan Bradford; Producers: Nathan Bradford, Shiminga N Forney, Terrie Orihuela; Saul Muvdi (Cinematographer) Daniel Guzman (Editor) Music by Shiminga N Forney and Baz Ma

Production Background & Fun Facts: This is Nathan Bradford's first directed film. The film was thought about after Nathan visited a local zombie convention. This film is full of independent directors, actors and other artists from Florida.

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