Sunday, December 3, 2017, 7:30PM-9:20PM
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Director: Rozzi Newman Osterman
Category: Documentary Short
Runtime: 27
Place of Origin: Fort Myers, FL
Shooting Locations: Cape Coral, FL

Synopsis: (Documentary) Talia is a charming and introverted young lady with Aspberger's - high functioning autism spectrum disorder. She discovered a passion for acting and is devoted to her craft. This documentary (26:42 minutes) follows Talia as she develops her acting skills for her aspiring career and gaining communication skills for her life. Most actors get a role and develop their character by pulling from their personal lives. Talia Anderson, however, gets a role, and develops it from her unique perspective, pulling in whatever images, experiences, other performances, that she has seen. Talia uses that role to also develop herself in real life. She created a character 'acting Talia'. The character 'acting Talia' is a confident, outgoing aspiring actor and her comfort with socialization opens doors of communication for the 'actual' Talia. Through interviews and acting sessions, Talia shares her process.

Cast: Talia Anderson, Vickie Vaughn Anderson

Crew: Producers: John Osterman; Yarden Lior - editor, Maya Osterman Van Grack - co writer, Eric Dochinger - musician

Production Background & Fun Facts: As the director/co-writer, I would like to share my thoughts about Talia. When I started working with Talia, I knew that she was interesting, but, I wasn't sure of my point of view. Talia's story unfolded as we continued filming. At viewings, everyone finds Talia charming; her story opens dialogue about how we all behave in social settings. The most introverted of viewers seem to have a moment of clarity when they understand how helpful it would be to create an alter-ego and even the most extroverted viewers examine their interactions with others. I was intrigued with Talia's ability to change characters and during our sessions Talia and her family began to understand how she manages with Aspberger's - high functioning autism spectrum disorder and the process by which she functions the most effectively and comfortably. Respectfully submitted, Rozzi Newman Osterman.

Festivals & Accolades: Naples International Film Festival