Full Circle
Sunday, December 3, 2017, 7:30PM-9:20PM
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Director: Raymond Knudsen
Category: Documentary Short
Runtime: 8
Place of Origin: Tallahassee, FL
Shooting Locations: Pahokee, FL
Student's School: The Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts

Synopsis: (Documentary) In a town of under 6,000 people known as Pahokee, Florida, opportunity outside of football is scarce. 2013 Super Bowl champion and 2015 NFL Man of the Year recipient, Anquan Boldin, has made it his life mission to change the lives of the people from his poor hometown.

Cast: Anquan Boldin , Hikeem Banks, Robert Banks

Crew: Producers: Raymond Knudsen;Cinematographer - David Kroonen , Sound - Brandon Knack

Production Background & Fun Facts: Raymond Knudsen's goal with "Full Circle" was to inspire people to give back to the less fortunate for the greater good. His perspective is that giving to others is an action that has no limitations, it's a uniquely human quality that he hopes his films will honor and inspire.

Festivals & Accolades: Winner: Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival, Rehoboth Beach Film Festival: Morris: Mia and Rosalyn Feinberg Student Award // Official Selections mi Independent Film Festival, Baltimore International Black Film Festival, Urban Film Festival, Twin Cities Black Film Festival, Kite Film Fest, Voices from the Margins Film Contest Finalist

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Full Circle - Official Trailer from Raymond Knudsen on Vimeo.