Tempus Tormentum
Saturday, December 2, 2017, 10:05PM-11:30PM
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Director: James Rewucki
Category: Narrative Feature
Runtime: 82
Place of Origin: Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Shooting Locations: Manitoba, Canada

Synopsis: (Thriller/Horror) A drifter passing through a small town is drugged by three masked psychopaths and forced into a bizarre game of cat and mouse. He is chased through a series of more and more bizarre events until, in the end, he finds that this evening of terror has lasting consequences. It's a feel bad film, nasty and brutish, red in tooth and claw.

Cast: Tyhr Trubiak, Dr Rage, Darren Johnston, Paul McWhinney, Lyle Baraniuk, Lorraine James, Matt Tennbrugencate, Mel Marginet, Fred McEvoy, Cat Jahnke, Virine Bahadoosingh

Crew: Writer: James Rewucki; Producers: James Rewucki (prouducer). Marietta Rewucki (executive producer);

Production Background & Fun Facts: Tempus Tormentum was an exercise in DIY micro-budget filmmaking. Production and post production took approximately 18 months and was accomplished with a core production crew of 6 people, four of whom were also acting in the film.

Festivals & Accolades: Best Lighting - FEAR NYC, Best Cinematography / action thriller - Creation International Film Fest, best sound design / lighting / thriller - Cinema World Fest Awards, Award Winning Film International Horror Hotel, Diamond in the Rough Film Fest, Hot Springs International, Hamilton Film Fest, Nola Horror Film Fest, IndieFEST Film Awards, Preselected Vancouver Filmdance, Preselected Toronto International Independent Film Fest, IIPM film fest Italy, Tampa Bay Underground Film Fest

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