The Last Cowboy
Friday, December 1, 2017, 2:30PM-4:30PM
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Director: Terryll Loffler
Category: Documentary Short
Runtime: 17
Place of Origin: Montreal, Quebec
Shooting Locations: Canada

Synopsis: (Documentary) The Last Cowboy is a visual document captured on the paved highways through the windshield of an 18-wheeled big rig. Like a Western, landscapes and their inhabitants are metaphors for social conditions and identity. Heroes are born but fade into the fog of the past. Nostalgia and personal reflections are laid bare in tribute.

Cast: Robert Loffler, Norman Ronnie

Crew: Producers: Terryll Loffler; Robert Pytlyk - Assitant Director, Justine Litynski - Assistant Editor, Inga Sibiga - Production Coordinator

Production Background & Fun Facts:

Festivals & Accolades: Atlanta International Documentary Film Festival, Victoria Film Festival, Antimatter [Media Art], Fort Myers Film Festival, Ocean City Film Festival


2016 • The Last Cowboy • Trailer from Terryll Loffler on Vimeo.