No Parking
Saturday, December 2, 2017, 3:45PM-5:50PM
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Director: Isiah Miller
Category: Narrative Short
Runtime: 7
Place of Origin: Tampa, FL
Shooting Locations: Tampa, FL

Synopsis: (Comedy) After escaping a boring dinner party, a couple tries to have car sex.

Cast: Cree Armstead, Justin Velez, Yvelisse Cedrez, Nick Graffeo

Crew: Writer: Isiah Miller; Producers: Isiah Miller Joey Johnson - Cinematographer

Production Background & Fun Facts: I actually wrote the script for No Parking two years again but it was delayed due to other projects. I dusted it off in September and we shot it in one night last month. It was probably the most fun I've ever had on a shoot.

Festivals & Accolades: 2017 Brouhaha Film and Video Showcase